Why Alpha?

We have decided to establish the Alpha Cosmetics brand for Everyone who loves make-up and self care just as We do.

It isn’t easy to find good quality and good looking lashes. You sure know these many hours of internet searching, trying to get "Your lashes". Beautiful, dense, natural looking, simply "Your lashes", but there are no results at all. You just end up buying some average stuff, that doesn’t make you happy. We know that really well as make-up artists. There is no other choice, than buying overpriced goods.


That’s why we made our own brand. After so many exhausting hours of searching, We’ve carefully picked the best producers with very reasonable prices. We are customers ourselves, we always want the best quality, for good prices. And that’s exactly what we want to give you. Quality goods, for reasonable price. Why Alpha Cosmetics? Because we think that women and girls should hold tight together and support themselves. On the other side, we’re being realistic.

Everyone of us have their unique way of going through life and it’s obstacles. No matter what are we facing, we always want to look the best and be the best. That’s what makes us better, pushing us forward, and lead us to personal growth. It can be sport, make-up, or anything else what makes us feel satisfied. And that is absolutely alright  ! That’s why Alpha Cosmetics. For every strong woman. Everyone of us can be Alpha!


Alpha Lashes are luxurious, hand made lashes, sold under The Alpha Cosmetics brand.

We really want to satisfy everyone, so we offer many kinds of lashes like REAL 3Dminks, 3D faux minks or synthetic ones. We are offering more than 10 kinds of lashes at the moment. From light and decent, over natural ones, ending with Long and dense lashes for an unforgettable glam look. You can choose from 11 varieties of brushed real lashes made of mink ad 3 synthetic varieties. We are planning a brand new collection for you. Including natural or synthetic lashes and natural applying products or hair care.

My lashes can be used up to 32 times, so you must not buy new ones in couple of days.

There is an instruction video and picture tutorial for those who don’t know know how to properly maintain their lashes. 

Share your experiences with our products and tag me on your posted photos or “my story”. You can also use #alphababes #alphalashes when posting.